Young BDSM Master in Huddersfield

27 6’1″ Athletic
White British Bisexual
9½” Uncut
Role: Top Only
Meets With: Men and Women

The more I dominate, the more I adore it. Through this lifestyle, I have connected with my true core and that core radiates out of my every pore. In coming into Domination, I have come home. I play with men and women’s desires, bodies and egos. The smell of fear makes my pulse race and my pupils dilate. Seeing a man immobilised and suffering, or humiliating himself for me makes me feel sparks of electricity in my groin. I want to use you, I want to see you put yourself through Seven Hells just because you know that it will make my juices flow. I want you to be excited by exciting me through your show of submission.

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Master-Puissance BDSM Male Escort Huddersfield